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How to grow Rabbit ear cactus (opuntia microdasya)

how to grow Rabbit ear cactus (opuntia microdasya) Both the desert regions that extend into Arizona and northern Mexico are home to the bunny ears cactus. When the cacti are mature plants, they have a shrub-like appearance and spread out to cover an area of two to five feet. Actually, the rabbit ear cactus received … Read more

Guide:on How to grow and care Camellia plant

Camellias are prized possessions of gardeners for many years. They thrive in delicate climates from Calif. to American state and ar accessible in thousands of cultivars. These broadleaved evergreen shrubs have sturdy, shiny foliage and lovely flowers. the foremost common species of camellias ar japonica and bush sasanqua. Not everyone has a yard big enough … Read more

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