How to care a orchid plant

How to care a orchid plant


Orchids are the beautiful flowers .can be found anywhere in homes, outdoors gardens, and airports .can be found anywhere in the world except antarctica

Orchids are more breed in environmental friendly glass house s in the US.orignall they are the native of  warm climate of Asia and Australia and also the Philippines
And the rainforests of  Amazon. They look are the largest group of flowering plants
Nearly 25,000_ 30,000 spices are found
How to care a orchid plant
How to care a orchid plant
WATERING ORCHIDS:All living things need
water and orchids need water for survival. The question is how much.It depends on various factors including temperature, climate,the month of the year and the type of Orchid you have at home.plants use up more water in warm climate. Through transpiration and evaporation and  also because it is generally.It Ali because it is generally it is warmer during the summer
Season.And this is the Reason for growing need of most of the orchids.
Tips to check moisture in orchids:1: You can use a pencil to see if there is moisture in  the orchids vase.just press the pencil tip little bit deep in the  orchids vase and keep it for  a hour or two.And remove if you notice if  you see the wooden are of the pencil is wet .it indicates it need water.
And if the pencil is dry and inme as before before it doesn’t need water.
2:it we’ll be all ways wise to  transparent plastic you can see the condition inside the roots.
3: just lift the vase and see if it is indicates no need to water.and if it is lighter you need to water.
How to water orchids: Take a large container put water and water soluble
Fertilizer two to three drops.Now deep
The vase in the water a see if there are bubbles coming out  from the vase.keep
The vase in water till the air bubbles are gone .now lift  the vase and let the water rinse.
Feeding the orchids: in the wild orchids don’t receive Manu nutrition where most of them grow, high up on the trees of the rainforests.birds pops  which falls on the branches and the rain falls  water comes down from the trunk of trees and branches and the orchids roots abosbs it.You can  add fertilizer and those that are growing
In pots will need fertilizer
Tip:(buy a small mist maker to increase humidity for orchids)
How to care a orchid plant
How to care a orchid plant
Fertilizer: Orchids fertilizer comes in to variety liquid or granular forms.
Liquid are good but shake while before use or its  main nutrition remains at the bottom of the  bottom.
If you don’t have liquid feed you can disolve in the water and can feed to orchids.l

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