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Indoor Low Light Plants That Survive in the shade

Some plants require more maintenance than others, but if there’s one thing that gives your house a little individuality and flair, it’s a plant. Also available are low-maintenance options like indoor plants that require less light. Consider our vast list of houseplants that truly do well in low light if you’re a novice plant parent looking to add some greenery to your room.

The advantages outweigh the drawbacks in every way. These plants won’t overtake your window sill, and you won’t have to worry about turning them constantly so that they face the sun. Additionally, you’ll be able to place the plants in places you didn’t think were possible, like the corner of your bedroom that receives no natural light or the bathroom with no windows.

Christmas Cacti make wonderful presents and are usually in bloom just in time to add some springtime happiness and colour to your Christmas décor.
Bright pinks, dark reds, deep purples, and snow white are the greatest colours for shelves, tables, sills, and countertops, and our growers choose the best of these hues from those that are readily accessible.
Keep inside to avoid any chilly temperatures as it enjoys direct sunlight and humidity on sinks, tabletops, and stands in the kitchen, living room, and bathroom.
Unlike most cacti, this low-maintenance tropical cactus prefers bright sunshine and moist soil, and it grows in a 6-inch container measuring 10–12 inches tall to the top leaves.
In addition to improving the aesthetics of your home and increasing the humidity in your rooms, houseplants can purify the air, improve mood, aid in sleep, and ease dryness.

For beginners or owners who tend to forget, spider plants are among the easiest indoor plants to grow. They were popular in Victorian-era homes.
They require little upkeep and are the perfect size for worktops, tabletops, mantles, sills, and shelves in a home, workplace, or garden.
The hanging spider plant, which prefers bright, indirect light, will send out shoots that will eventually blossom and produce new spider plants.
From the bottom of the container to the top leaves, this top air-purifying green and white variegated plant is in a 6″ pot that is 10 to 12″ tall.
Spider plants are a good option if you struggle to maintain indoor plants because, according to NASA studies, they purify the air.

The characteristic natural leaf holes of this low-maintenance tropical houseplant, sometimes known as the “Swiss Cheese Plant,” are well-known.
The rich green foliage quickly gives any decor a jungle vibe, and it also sprouts beautiful blossoms that develop into delicious edibles. Breadfruit
Monstera tolerates low light but thrives in medium to bright indirect sunlight, especially close to a sunny East or West facing window.
Just water it once every two to four weeks, letting the soil dry out in between.
It is between 20 and 24 inches tall from the bottom of the plastic containers to the top of the leaves.
Houseplants can enhance your home’s beauty, purify the air, elevate your emotions, and reduce dryness by raising the humidity level in your home.

The sago palm, or Cycas revoluta, isn’t a real palm tree despite its common name. Cycads are a class of ancient tropical and subtropical plants that typically grow from a trunk that doesn’t branch out; it produces nuts but doesn’t flower or bear fruit. They are fairly low-growing plants with long green fronds. Warm regions of Japan and southern China are home to sago palms.

Tropical plants like Schefflera species are gorgeous. The longer Schefflera has circular, long, lustrous, green leaves that gracefully hang from the centre stalk. A mature Schefflera might produce 12 or 16 leaflets from a single stalk, whereas a young Schefflera is more likely to produce 4 or 6.

The Schefflera, often known as the umbrella plant, is a well-liked indoor plant due to the elegance of its dark green leaves that grow in the shape of circular “fingers.” A space seems attractive thanks to the patterns created by sunlight on the flooring and walls. A Schefflera plant requires very little maintenance and can live for many years.

Money tree plants can live with little care, which makes them quite prevalent in homes and businesses today. Because they frequently produce five leaves on a stalk, money tree plants are also highly revered by feng shui practitioners. Because everything in the cosmos is said to be composed of the five unique elements of water, wood, fire, earth, and metal, five is a significant number in feng shui. Money tree plants are said to offer their owners success and wealth if they are placed in an area that is exposed to things involving money. The money tree plant is ideal as an office or company present because it is sometimes decorated with red ribbons and symbols.

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