How to care for a sunflower according to vastu

How to care for a sunflower according to vastu

It’s important to take good care of your plants according to Vastu Shastra, since they bring in positive energy into your home and remove bad vibes from the atmosphere, thereby leading to happiness and positivity in the lives of all those who reside in the house or office premises. If you wish to know how to take care of sunflower plant at home, as per Vastu, then you are at the right place. Here are some guidelines that will help you maintain the health of this beautiful plant in your home and place of work.

The Basics
No matter where you plant your sunflowers—in your garden, on a balcony, in a pot on your front porch—you need to take care of them. They’re a lot like children: beautiful, but needy and demanding. Planting them somewhere that violates Vastu principles could make life easier in some ways (not having to worry about caring for them too much), but it will also affect their health and well-being in negative ways.

How to care for a sunflower according to vastu

If you’re concerned about keeping your plants alive, water them a few times per week. Make sure they have enough sunlight and that they’re within temperature range. Watering is especially important if you live in an area where it gets particularly hot or cold, as your sunflowers need water to prevent wilting or freezing. Avoid watering late at night when temperatures are cooler because your plant will be unable to process all of that excess moisture, which could cause frost damage. In warmer weather, you can also choose to create a spray shield with a piece of clear plastic over your plants so water doesn’t evaporate too quickly and cool off adjacent crops and gardens.

Before you begin planting your sunflowers, it’s important to consider what kind of soil they require. Sunflowers tend to prefer rich, loamy soil that is high in organic material and well-drained. Make sure that if you live in an area with clay or hard soil that you mix in some organic material (such as peat moss) into your dirt before planting sunflowers. With regular waterings and proper care, your plant should eventually spread its roots deep enough into your garden bed that it can find its own nutrients.

A home with a garden is a must! Sunflowers will thrive in such an environment. If you have no option but to grow your sunflowers indoors, make sure that you give them as much natural light as possible. Keep them near a window and always make sure they’re facing East or West, so that they can soak up sunlight from either side of your house.

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