How to care Dracaena house plant

How to care Dracaena house plant

This large genus of tree are in tropical parts of asia.plam like plant usually with arching groups of Lance shaped leaves growing in rosettes one above the other includes some of the living room.

Dracaena has a mass of slender pointed leaves striped green leaves. Striped green silver and grey D fragrance has broader leaves up to 50-70cmn(20-28) long striped gold and green and curving downwards in a long arc D. Marginata has the narrowest leaves of all a grass like fountain striped green cream and pink D. Godseffina the gold dust dracaena the gold dust dracaena is a freely branching plant with laurel like leaves flecked with yellow.

light and situation: buy the plants in spring and place near a window with central heating protect from the hottest sun.

Moisture:water moderately in summer more sparingly in winter . avoid having excess water in the pot or allowing the root ball to dry out.

soil:a rich porous humusy mixture.

Propsgation : from suckers or 8cm(3in) stem section in an indoor propagator in spring or summer.

Tip :repot young plant year ly in late spring.

Toxcity: to cats and dogs

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