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Hedera Helix Care Guide
(English ivy)

With its winding, trailing growth style and readily recognised leaves, English ivy has a certain allure. The interior of the house is as as stunning as the exterior. This article can be useful if you want to include ivy into your interior design. You will learn how to maintain your vining friend’s health and appearance, … Read more

Guide: on how to care and grow Bush lily

Bush lily is a beautiful plant there are six recognised species, all of which are native to Southern Africa. In the late 1810s, British explorers John Bowie and William Burchell brought live specimens to England. The Clivia genus, named in honour of the Duchess of Northumberland, Charlotte Percy (née Clive), included the C. nobilis as … Read more

How to care some indoor and outdoor plants

Both indoor and outdoor plants brighten and energise the atmosphere in your home. In addition, it improves your productivity and happiness. In addition to adding colour and life to your space, green plants or flower vases also lessen stress levels. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular house plants in India so you may … Read more

Guide:on how to care and grow Syngonium Albo

You need go no further than syngonium albo if you enjoy unusual leaf plants with vibrant colors. This attractive variegated arrowhead vine, prized for its eye-catching green and white arrow-shaped leaves, can be planted as a tabletop plant or trained to climb on a vertical trellis. Syngonium albo is a plant that can be hard … Read more

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